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Enjoy Fuller & More Youthful Lips with Cosmetic Lip Tattoos

The cosmetic lip tattoos available at V·ink Cosmetic Tattoo are perfect for those individuals who would like to have fuller, healthier and more youthful looking lips, and a lovely defined lip contour at all times without the need for lip fillers. This treatment can correct the shape and colour of your lips, which is often lost with age, cold sores, lip fillers scars or sun damage. The lip blush tattoo in Melbourne works very well on ethnic lips, as it is a great solution for lightening the tone of unwanted dark lips by bringing down the darker colours to a lovely nude lip tint. Cosmetic lip tattoos can also help to improve the appearance of scars and asymmetries.

Say Goodbye to Lipstick with Lip Blush Tattoo in Melbourne

After you’ve had A lip tint tattoo, you can just gloss and go − no more fiddling around with lipsticks! A lip BLUSH tattoo will restore your natural lip pigment’s colour for an attractive flushed lip appearance. Lip tint tattooing gives you the freedom of avoiding the repeated daily lipstick application routine, and that annoying lipstick bleeding is completely gone!

How Do Cosmetic Lip Tattoos Heal?

If you’re concerned about the lip tattoo healing process, we can help you every step of the way. The lip blush tattoo heals very quickly. We discuss the healing process with you on your treatment day and provide you with detailed aftercare instructions so you’ll know what to expect. You can also find the aftercare instructions on our website FAQs page.

Delivering the Best Lip Tints & Cosmetic Tattoo Services to the South-East

If you’re looking for cosmetic lip tattoo services near Yarraville, St Kilda, Elwood, Brighton or Elsternwick, our beauty tattooing clinic is perfectly located. We serve the south east of Melbourne with our cosmetic lip tattoos, and we have hundreds of happy customers. Take a look at the before and after photos here on our website along with our customers’ positive testimonials.

Cosmetic Lip Tattoo Treatments We Can Provide

At V·ink Cosmetic Tattoo, we are specialists in permanent makeup, particularly the ever-popular lip blush tattoo in Melbourne. Here are the cosmetic lip tattoos styles we offer:

Lip Line Tattoo

The cosmetic lip line tattoo will help to enhance your lips by defining the lip contour. This treatment is perfect for people who want to correct light asymmetries. It is recommended to always choose this treatment together with the lip blend or full lip tattoo for a more natural look.

Lip Liner and Blend Tattoo

THIS kind of cosmetic lip tattoo IS a more innovative version of the lip line tattoo because it is a lip liner that blends softly into your natural lip colour for a subtle yet noticeable look. The lip liner and blend tattoo technique will bring a fuller appearance to your mouth without being over the top. It is a great option to correct asymmetries.

Full Cosmetic Lip Tattoo OR LIP BLUSH

Among the techniques we use, the full lip blush tattoo is the one that can deliver a more natural look to your lips because it can mimic a perfect lipstick application or a natural lip tone, and it is up to you whether you want to obtain a subtle appearance or a more dramatic look.

These treatments will deliver long-lasting and fuller looking lips, with no need for lip fillers.  We will choose the best lip tints that suit your natural skin tone or we can match the colour of your favourite lipstick. With the lip tint tattoo, we can also lighten up hyperpigmented lips, delivering a nude colour for a very natural looking dark lips correction.

Your lips will look perfect at all times and you will only need to apply some gloss if you feel like it. To change up the colour, you can still wear any coloured lipstick on top of your lip tattoo. Please note that if you are after a very strong or bright tone, more than two lip tattooing sessions may be required in order to build up the intensity required of your lip tint tattoo.

Get Perfect Lips All Day Long with V·ink

At V·ink Cosmetic Tattoo, we offer a range of cosmetic lip tattoos including lip line tattooing, lip liner and blend tattooing, and full lip OR LIP BLUSH tattooing. Whatever effect you’re after, we have treatments to make your lips look shapely and flushed with colour! For the kissable lips you desire, call us today on 0450 846 955 or book online.