Get the Best Eyebrow Tattoo to Enhance Your Face

At V·ink Cosmetic Tattoo, we measure your bone structure with a professional eye for detail. We then design the perfect eyebrow that best suits and enhances your eyes and natural features. We select and customise the pigments that best match your very own hair colour, ensuring that you achieve the most beautiful and natural looking cosmetic eyebrow tattoo.

New Eyebrow Tattoo Methods for a More Natural Result

When we talk about a topic such as a permanent eyebrow tattoo, some people still think of the old-fashion blueish block tattoos, but that’s not the case anymore! Thanks to new technologies and techniques, nowadays when an eyebrow tattoo is performed properly, as we do here at V·ink, most people can’t even tell it’s a tattoo.

Eyebrows for Chemo Patients & Other Reasons for an Eyebrow Tattoo

If you have sparse or patchy, uneven, over-plucked eyebrows, are suffering from alopecia, or have scars, gaps or just poorly shaped brows and would like a more defined look, this is the perfect treatment for you. Tattooing eyebrows for chemo patients is another area we can help with at V·ink Cosmetic Tattoo. Your comfort is our priority, and we like to make sure you feel at ease at all times. If you need an eyebrow tattoo to repair the shape of your eyebrows for any other reason, choose V·ink in Ripponlea, located close to St Kilda, Elsternwick, Brighton and Caulfield.

3 Types of Eyebrow Tattoo Techniques Available for Different Results

We use three main techniques for eyebrow tattoo in Melbourne – feather touch, ombrè/powder and combination brow. Not sure which technique to choose for a natural, young-looking eyebrow tattoo? Have a read below or get in touch with one of our expert beauty technicians!

Feathering Eyebrow Tattoo

The eyebrow feathering technique, also known as “feather touch” or “hair stroke eyebrows”, is the most natural looking eyebrow tattoo technique because it simulates the appearance of hair. Fine and delicate hair strokes are embedded into the upper layer of the skin following the direction of your natural hair growth, creating the most beautiful and imperceptible eyebrow enhancement. The best results for a feathering eyebrow tattoo are achieved on dry skin.

Ombrè/Powder Eyebrow Tattoo

Ombrè or powder eyebrow techniques will mimic a soft pencil or powder shadow effect, leaving your eyebrows looking beautifully polished at all times! If you already have a nice eyebrow shape but your hair is sparse and a bit patchy, the ombrè or powder eyebrow can definitely help you add a bit of density that will bring your look to the next level. These techniques are amazing for all skin types, and although many women like the idea of the feathering because it sounds more natural, I can tell you that a good powdered/ombrè eyebrow looks simply divine.

The ombrè and powder eyebrow looks are grouped together, but are distinctly different. The powder brow emulates a full, pencilled in eyebrow makeup effect. The ombrè, on the other hand, starts from a fuller, coloured in tail that gradually fades towards the nose, for a softer look. Whenever we do a powdered/ombrè eyebrow at V·ink, we choose colours of waterproof pigment that best complement your facial features. We also ensure a relaxing, professional and tailored experience at all times.

Combination Brow Eyebrow Tattoo

With the combination brow, you will find the best of the above techniques mixed together for a fuller, more defined look. We customise the shape and texture of the eyebrow to suit your face shape and eyebrow preferences.

Refine Your Look with an Eyebrow Tattoo Today

For permanent makeup effects that look polished and picture-perfect, come to V·ink Cosmetic Tattoo. Our cosmetic tattoo artist has been working for years and you can see the testimonials of many happy customers here on our website. If you want to be our next happy customer with a new eyebrow tattoo, call us now on 0450 846 955 or book online