Eyeliner Tattoos – Have more of a life by saving time not applying liner every day

A simple yet artful eye enhancement such as an eyeliner tattoo, eye shadow tattoo or lash enhancement can improve the look of the whole face! It can be as subtle or as dramatic as you wish depending on what result you would like to achieve. Some people opt for a thick eyeliner tattoo for a more emphatic look, while others prefer something more understated when it comes to permanent eyeliner. We also offer other permanent eye makeup effects such as lash enhancement and eye shadow.

Factors such as your lifestyle and your eye shape and colour may determine what would look best on you. When creating an eyeliner tattoo, we always simulate the perfect style for your eye shape, so that you can see and pick the option you prefer before we begin tattooing. 

If you’re not sure what style of eyeliner tattoo to choose, you can do a little bit of research by checking out our eyeliner tattoo before and after photos here on our website. You’ll see a few examples of different eyeliner tattoo looks for inspiration.

V·ink Cosmetic Tattoo is located in the South-East of Melbourne, close to St Kilda, Brighton and Elsternwick. We’d love to help you with your eyeliner tattoo and other cosmetic tattooing needs.

Lash Enhancement Tattooing

This technique has become one of our favourites because of its subtle yet revolutionary result. The lash enhancement treatment consists of a fine line or a smoky shade, drawn right in between the lashes. It’s especially recommended for people with a fair complexion and sparse lashes to make the eyes really pop.

This tattoo is not visible when the eyes are closed, which is perfect for individuals who don’t want to wear visible makeup but would like to have thicker and fuller lashes. You can also add a bit of depth to your look by having a fine or smoky shaded line drawn on your bottom lash line. Lash enhancement is suitable for both men and women who would like to have a sexy glance without visible makeup.

Eyeliner Tattoo Treatment

The eyeliner tattoo is a great way of enhancing your eye colour, shape and size. The idea behind the eyeliner tattoo is to mimic perfectly drawn eyeliner. If you wear eyeliner every day or wish to, but don’t have time to draw it on, then getting an eyeliner tattoo is the best solution!

With an eyeliner tattoo, your “eyeliner” is perfectly applied in your choice of style and thickness. It is smudge-proof and waterproof to last through the day, every day. Much like with the lash enhancement, adding eyeliner tattoo to your lower lash line will heighten the effect of your beauty treatment. You could choose a fine line or a smoky shaded line to enhance the roots of your bottom lashes.

Eyeliner tattoo can match whatever style of eyeliner you’re used to wearing, whether it’s a soft natural line or a bolder line. If you’re not sure what would suit you better, we usually recommend to start with a soft eyeliner tattoo enhancement and then we can build as we go.

Eye Shadow – An Innovative Eyeliner Tattoo Style

This is one of the latest techniques in cosmetic tattooing. The eye shadow treatment, also known as “butterfly eyeliner”, is a very elegant and innovative eyeliner tattoo style. It consists of a fine, usually winged liner which fades into a soft shade that resembles eyeshadow. This technique is perfect for those individuals who want a more sophisticated look.

For the Best Eyeliner Tattoo, Choose V·ink

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