Come and try one of the best Eyebrow Tattoo in Melbourne!

When we talk about Eyebrow Tattoos, some people still think about the old-fashion blueish block tattoos, but wait! That’s gone now! Thanks to new technologies and techniques, nowadays when an Eyebrow Tattoo is performed properly as we do here at V·ink, most people can’t even tell it’s a tattoo! If you have sparse or patchy, uneven, over-plucked eyebrows, or if you have had (or about to have) chemoterapy, are suffering from alopechia or have scars, gaps or just poorly shaped brows and would like a more defined look, this is the perfect treatment for you.

Among the techniques that we use you can find: Feather Touch, Ombrè, Powder and Combination Brow.

Here at V·ink, we will measure your bone structure and with a professional eye for details, we will design the perfect eyebrow that best suits and enhance your eyes and natural features. We will then select and custom the pigments that best match your very own hair colour, ensuring that you achieve the most beautiful and natural looking Cosmetic Tattoo Enhancement.

Not sure what technique to choose or which one will better suit your lifestyle? Have a read below or get in touch with the expert!

Feather Touch

The Eyebrow Feathering technique, also known as Feather Touch or Hair Stoke Eyebrows, is, among all Eyebrow Tattoos, the most natural looking technique because it simulates the appearance of hair. Fine and delicate hair strokes are embedded into the upper layer of the skin following the direction of your natural hair flow creating the most beautiful and imperceptible eyebrow enhancement. Best results on dry skin.


The Ombrè or Powder Eyebrow techniques will mimic a soft pencil or powder shadow effect, leaving your eyebrows looking beautifully polished at all times! If you already have a nice eyebrow shape but your hair is sparse and a bit patchy, the Ombrè or Powder Eyebrow can definitely help you add a bit of density, but yet softness, that will bring your look to the next level. These techniques are amazing for all skin type and although many women like the idea of the feathering because it sounds more natural, I can tell you that a good Powdered/Ombrè eyebrow, looks divine on all!

What’s the difference in between Ombrè and Powder technique after all?

The Powder Brow emulates a full, penciled in Brow makeup, while the Ombrè, starts from a fuller, coloured in tail that gradually fades towards to the nose, for a softer look.

Combination Brow

With the Combination Brow, you will find the best of the above techniques mixed together for a fuller, more defined look.

Softly shaded eyebrows + fine hair strokes will just give you the perfect 3D eyebrow you’ve always dreamed of!


A good eye’s enhancement such as the Eyeliner Tattoo, Eye Shadow Tattoo, or Lash Enhancement, can improve the look of the whole face!

It can be as subtle or as dramatic as you wish depending on what result you would like to achieve, lifestyle and what suits your eyes shape and colour. Before starting with the tattoo, we always simulate the perfect style for your eye shape, so that you can see and decide the best option for you.

Lash Enhancement

This Technique has become one of my favourite because of its subtle, yet revolutionary result. The Lash Enhancement consists of a fine line or a smokie shade, drown right in between lashes and it’s especially recommended to people with fair complexion and sparse lashes to make the eyes pop. This treatment is not visible when the eyes are closed, which its perfect for those individuals who don’t want to wear a visible makeup but would like to have thicker and fuller looking lashes. You can also add a bit of depth to your look by adding a fine line or a smokie shade on your bottom lash line. Finally, the Lash Enhancement is suitable for both men and women who would like to have a deeper sexy glance, but with no visible makeup.

Eyeliner Tattoo

The Eyeliner Tattoo it’s a great solution to enhance your eyes colour, shape and size by mimicking a perfect drown eyeliner. If you wear the eyeliner every day or you wish to, but don’t have time to draw it on, then the Eyeliner Tattoo it’s the best solution for you! Here you have the perfectly applied, in your choice of thickness and style, smudge and waterproof eye enhancement that you have been looking for. You can also add a bit of depth to your look by adding a fine line or a smokie shade on your bottom lash line.

The Eyeliner Tattoo can match whatever you are used to wearing whether it’s a soft natural liner or a bolder line. If you are not sure of what can suit you better, we usually recommend to start with a soft enhancement and build as we go.

Eye Shadow

This is one of the latest techniques in Cosmetic Tattooing.

The Eye Shadow, also known as Butterfly Eyeliner it’s a very elegant and innovative Eyeliner Tattoo style which consist of a fine, usually winged liner which fades into a soft shade that resembles an eyeshadow.

This technique is perfect for those individuals who want a more sophisticated look.


Lip Tattoo, Full Lips, Big Lips, Beautiful Lips

The Lip Tattoo is perfect for those individuals who would like to have fuller,  healthier and youthful looking lips, and a lovely defined lip contour at all times. This treatment can correct the shape and colour of your lips, which it’s often lost with age, cold sores or sun damage and can help to improve the appearance of scars and asymmetries. With the Cosmetic Lip Tattoo, you can just gloss and go! As well as restoring your natural lip pigments, it will give you the freedom of avoiding the over and over lipstick application throughout the day, and that annoying lipstick bleeding.

Lip Line

The Lip Line Tattoo will help to enhance your lips by defining the lip contour. This treatment is perfect for people who want to correct light asymmetries. It is recommended to always choose this treatment together with the Lip Blend or Full Lip for a more natural look.

Lip Line & Blend

This treatment is a more innovative version of the Lip Line because it is a Lip Liner that blends softly into your natural lip colour keeping a subtle, natural look. This technique will bring a natural fuller appearance to your mouth and it is a great option to correct asymmetries.

Full Lip

This procedure is recommended to anyone as it can result very natural.

The Full Lip Tattoo can mimic a perfect lipstick application and it is up to you wether you want to obtain a subtle appearance or a more dramatic look. We will choose the colour that better suits your natural skin tone or we could just match the colour of your favourite lipstick. Your lips will look perfect at all times and you will only need to apply some gloss if needed. If you would like to change up the colour, you can still wear any coloured lipstick on top of your lip tattoo.

Please note that if you are after a very strong/bright tone, more session may be required in order to build up the intensity required.

Colour Maintenance

A Colour Maintenance every 6 to 18 months from last treatment it is recommended to keep your permanent make up looking at its best. Some clients are happy to let their cosmetic tattoo fade considerably between Colour Maintenance treatments, others like to keep their Cosmetic Tattoo looking very bold and fresh all the time. At the very least I suggest that my clients have a refresh treatment every year. With some people the tattoo may or may not remain visible for long periods of time, this can vary considerably from person to person, area treated and colour used. Eg: a blond eyebrow tend to need more maintenance than a black eyeliner.